Campbellsville University launches new radio station WLCU

Campbellsville University launches new radio station WLCU

March 31, 2011
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Campbellsville University's radio station, WLCU 88.7FM is officially on the air. Flipping the power switch are Dr. Michael V. Carter, left, president of CU; Al Hardy, dean of academic support, who also oversees broadcast services; and Beverly Kirk, CEO of Bevkirk, International, LLC and featured speaker for the event. (Campbellsville University Photo by Munkh-Amgalan Galsanjamts)

By Elena Groholske, student news writer

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. – Campbellsville University launched a new radio station, WLCU 88.7 FM, today. The radio station is broadcasting out of Campbellsville University’s Office of Broadcast Services at 203 West Broadway, Campbellsville, Ky.

“WLCU-FM radio is an exciting new venture for Campbellsville University and one that holds great promise for enhancing learning opportunities for CU students who are preparing for careers in broadcast media and for communication of the many exciting programs at the university,” Dr. Michael V. Carter, president of Campbellsville University, said.

“We believe that the radio station, coupled with our television station, sets CU apart among Christian universities in this part of the United States and becomes an additional dimension to fulfilling our institutional mission.”

University students will be heavily involved with the radio station; working hands on in the station as well as creating the segments and music programs that will air on 88.7 FM. Most of the students involved are enrolled in the university’s Introduction to Broadcasting class that is taught by Dr. H. Keith Spears, vice president for regional and professional education, and assisted by Jeannie Clark, WLCU technician specialist, and Jimmie Wooley, director of broadcast services.

The radio station comes with the university’s announcement of the offering of the new broadcast and digital media emphasis. Additional broadcasting courses will be offered in the fall.

“As students learn the trade of broadcast journalism,” Spears said, “the radio station will become their lab. Broadcast 1 will deal with producing public affairs and news sport, public service announcements and other programming.”

WLCU 88.7 FM will be student operated supported by the staff and faculty. Internships and possibly work-study student workers will be available but overall volunteers will run the station -- mainly this year by students in the broadcasting class.

“These students will also be required to record sports play-by-plays, university newscasts, commercials and interviews,” Spears said. “They must be ‘air worthy’ and will then be used by WLCU.”

WLCU will air contemporary Christian music, information segments, public services announcements and news and weather segments. Students in the broadcasting class have recorded PSAs that have already aired during the testing phase of the station.

“All programs will reflect the core values of the university,” Wooley said. “The station will be a great tool for the broadcast major.”

The addition of the radio station and an existing television station provide the university with a unique opportunity to offer a revised program that will better meet the needs of all students pursuing a career in mass media, according to Stan McKinney, lead professor for mass communication.

Pending board approval in April, the program will begin offering majors in Broadcasting and Digital Media, Journalism and Public Relations in fall. Minors will be offered in Broadcasting and Digital Media, Journalism, Photojournalism and Public Relations. An area is also available, McKinney said, which is the equivalent of a major and minor and includes courses from all disciplines.

“Under the revised programs, every mass communication student will get exposure to broadcasting and digital media,” McKinney said. “Students will also develop their own websites and post online portfolios. We believe the new radio station and the opportunities it affords along with our revised programs will make our students extremely competitive in the job market.”

Campbellsville University is a widely acclaimed Kentucky-based Christian university with over 3,000 students offering 63 undergraduate programs, 17 master’s degrees and five postgraduate areas. The website for complete information is

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