Calvary Community Church, Pastor position, Madison, NE

Calvary Community Church, Pastor position, Madison, NE

Calvary Community Church, Pastor position (full-time),  Madison, NE

Calvary Commmunity church  is part of the Nebraska Northeast Baptist Association, KNCSB, SBC, and as such we want our pastor to preach directly from the Word of God.  Seeking a man who will lead us into a deeper walk with God; both in our own lives and in the lives of our whole community.  We are a diverse people with our church having been only Anglo until recent years.  The industry in this community has brought in many people from Hispanic backgrounds and we also have the Karen Christian Revival meeting in our facility in the afternoon on Sundays.  We currently have 20 people attending on Sunday mornings but the potential for growth is strong.  Our Church building is well maintained and has room to expand Sunday school classes.  We are a debt free church because God blessed us with money for this building and grounds in 1989 and we currently have tithes and offerings enough to offer a pastoral package of $25,000-30,000. 

We would like to have a pastor who will have office hours at least one or two times a week.  We are willing to accept a bi-vocational pastor; most of us have more than one job ourselves.  We would like a man who is comfortable in a small church that wishes to grow and is capable of leading us.  Bi-lingual in English and Spanish would be helpful, but not necessary to be considered. 

Our email address is and our phone number is 402-454-2896. Deacon is Ron Schmidt.

Church Location: 

  1213 North Main Street, Madison, NE  68748