Auditions for 2016-2017

  • Nov. 5, 2016
  • Feb. 4, 2017
  • Feb. 18, 2017
  • March 4, 2017

Auditions may be also be scheduled by appointment during the week. 

Students planning to major or minor in music, or pursue graduate studies in music, must audition before a panel of music faculty.  Unless otherwise specified, students will perform a selection of their choice before a group of music faculty. Students will also sight-read a brief passage to be provided by the music faculty at the time of audition. Recorded auditions are accepted, although not recommended if a live audition is possible.

Music scholarships may be available for those who audition.

Piano Auditions: Perform two selections in the classical vein. Music should be memorized and of two contrasting styles. Your selection should adequately display your abilities and be appropriate to a university setting. You will also sight-read a brief passage.

Percussion Auditions: Undergraduates- Graduates

Marching Band: The Tiger Marching Band does not require an audition, but it does require a separate application form.

MM Performance Auditions: Applicants seeking admission to the Master of Music in Performance will submit a list of performed repertoire and present a live audition before a panel of music faculty.  Recordings of a live performance will be accepted for conditional admission pending presentation of a live audition before the completion of the first semester of study.

  • Keyboard & Instrumental: Minimum of 20 minutes of music and a minimum of two works in contrasting style. Percussionists should follow these recommendations.
  • Vocal: By memory, a minimum of 20 minutes of upper-level repertoire representing each of the following areas: Baroque literature, German lieder, French melodie, opera aria, and American or British art song.

Conducting: Applicants will come to campus the semester prior to enrollment and conduct an ensemble rehearsal as their live audition.  If an applicant cannot come to campus, he or she may submit a recorded audition for admission into the MAM program until such time as they can give a live audition on campus.

Composition: Students who wish to pursue composition as their primary applied area at the graduate level will submit two recent compositions that represent different performance media and different post-1900 musical styles. Students will submit an essay with each composition providing specific details about the composers and works that have provided inspiration or models. The essay will also include specific details about the techniques and procedures that went into the composition of the piece, using terms and concepts learned in the student's undergraduate theory coursework such as Theory I through IV, Form and Analysis, Orchestration, Counterpoint and Choral Arranging.

Each composition and essay will be submitted in a three-ring binder and will include a printed copy of the score along with a sound recording. Recordings of live performances are preferable, but recordings from the computer are acceptable. The materials will be evaluated by a panel of three or more members of the music faculty.