Athletics Logo Guidelines

Athletics Tiger

The Campbellsville University Tiger is a highly recognized symbol of the University. This registered symbol is most commonly associated with Campbellsville’s athletics teams and is also a much-utilized symbol across the campus. The Tiger mark is intended as a decorative or retail product image for use in contexts in which the name of the University has already been established. It should never be used as the primary identifier of Campbellsville University.

It is strongly preferred that

the four-color version of the Tiger mark be used whenever possible. The two-color mark can be reproduced in solid colors (Pantone® 202c, Cool Gray 5c, black, white) or their process equivalents. If the two-color version is not possible, then it is preferred that the logo be reproduced using Pantone® 202c or Cool Gray 5c. If this is not possible, then the mark should be reproduced using black.

To allow for design flexibility, the Tiger image may be “flipped” to allow it to face either right or left. The trademark is always used with the image and is always placed on the right side. The official Tiger must not be altered or re-drawn. Questions regarding its use may be addressed to the Office of Athletics at (270) 789-5257.