Asst. Director for Human Resources for Disability Services, Kentucky State University, Frankfort, Kentucky

Asst. Director for Human Resources for Disability Services, Kentucky State University, Frankfort, Kentucky

Asst. Director for Human Resources for Disability Services and Section 504 Coordinator, Kentucky State University, Frankfort, Kentucky

The Assistant Director of Human Resources for Disability Services oversees all campus activities as it relates to disability services for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the KSU campus. Other responsibilities include the following: Coordinates services and the provision of reasonable accommodations to qualified students and employees with disabilities to ensure access to programs, services, and facilities and monitors the university's compliance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations regarding the provision of services to persons with disabilities (e.g., Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990). Determines the eligibility for disability services and oversees the implementation of reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities.
Additionally, the Assistant Director of Human Resources for Disability Services oversees all Land Grant activities as relates to disability services including but not limited to supporting the KSU Environmental Education Center (EEC), the Third Thursday Thing and other activities provided by Land Grant. Related responsibilities include: providing leadership to outdoor education for teaching science and ecology, modeling stewardship, making interpretive services accessible, adapting curricula and implementing adaptive strategies for persons with disabilities.

· Determines academic accommodations for students with disabilities and provides directions to appropriate parties on exam accommodations for students and faculty.
· Works with the instructors of students experiencing academic difficulty on issues such as learning styles, study skills, and communicating with faculty.
· Works with faculty regarding individual student needs, as well as educating and informing the university community on disability issues.
· Consults with the Facility Services and Capital Planning and Construction on renovation and construction projects.
· Serves as case manager for students with disabilities as needed.
· Writes progress reports, information bulletins and other project documentation.
· Coordinates presentations, training and training materials as requested regarding project activities.
· Works with appropriate university offices in determining appropriate resources for individuals with disabilities and to ensure that the needs of individuals with disabilities are met.
· Develops assistance plans and grants accommodations for individuals with disabilities.
· Develops, implements, and manages programs that provide appropriate services, monitoring the provision of reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities, and advises the administration regarding reasonable accommodations, disability rights and issues, technology, architectural barriers, attitudes, curriculum access, and local, state and federal legislation.
· Arranges for services such as interpreters, readers, test proctors, note takers, and books on tape.
· Assesses the eligibility and individual needs of individuals based upon a request for services or accommodations and the documentation of a disability from a qualified professional.
· Establishes procedures for processing all requests for accommodations and maintains appropriate files and records, including the status and disposition of requests.
· Other related duties as required.

MINIMUM JOB REQUIREMENTS:Master’s degree in Counseling, Clinical Psychology, Clinical Social Work, Developmental Education, Psychology, College Student Personnel, Special Education, Higher Education Administration or a related area. Three to five years of progressively responsible experience in special education, project management, vocational rehabilitation, disability services, college student personnel services and/or provision of technical assistance to a variety of audiences, including youth, teens, adults and seniors.Valid Kentucky Driver’s License


· Experience in evaluation and determination of reasonable accommodations for students in their coursework, academic examinations and daily life.
· Familiarity with governmental and community agencies providing services to individuals with disabilities.
· Working knowledge of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
· Experience with public speaking and development of training programs.
· Knowledge of computer based software designed for use by individuals with disabilities.
· Demonstrated program development, implementation, and evaluation skills.
· Experience in planning and providing technical assistance and consultation in disability areas.
· Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively through writing and speaking.
· Working knowledge of disability and accessibility issues in environmental and outdoor education.
· Basic computer knowledge (Word, Excel, Internet).
· Experience with college student population preferred.


· Work is normally performed in a typical interior/office work environment.

· Some work performed in community setting.

· No or very limited physical effort required.
· No or very limited exposure to physical risk.
· Use of a computer keyboard and monitor.

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