Associate Pastor of Worship (Part-time), Gilead Baptist, Glendale, KY

Associate Pastor of Worship (Part-time), Gilead Baptist, Glendale, KY

Gilead Baptist Church

Job Description:  Associate Pastor of Worship


Position Description:

            This part-time position encompasses the following:

1.     Planning and leading the worship services of Gilead Baptist Church

2.     Provide leadership for the music ministry of Gilead Baptist Church


This position will include some church office hours, some hours working with choirs and music ensembles, attendance of some workshops and conferences, and some visitation.  Duties will be performed under the direction of and in cooperation with the Senior Pastor.


Position Duties:

1.     Assist the Senior Pastor in the planning of all services of worship, including the selection of hymns and special music.

2.     Plan, organize, conduct and evaluate a comprehensive music ministry at Gilead Baptist Church.

3.     Facilitate the planning and promoting of worship ministry for all age groups.

4.     Prepare an annual worship budget for approval; administer the approved budget.

5.     Maintain a music library to include: materials, supplies, music, and educational materials for the purposes of worship.

6.     In conjunction with the Senior Pastor; plan, organize and conduct special music.

7.     Cooperate with church committees and councils to identify and assist volunteers in carrying out the worship ministry of the church.

8.     Meet with the Senior Pastor and church musicians weekly or as needed to plan and coordinate worship services.

9.     Arrange for a substitute worship leader in case of emergency absences.

10.  Make visits in the community related to the worship ministry.


Supervision and Evaluation:

1.     The Senior Pastor shall be the immediate supervisor for this position.

2.     A meeting to evaluate performance will be held at least once a year with the Senior Pastor and the Personnel Committee.



            Benefits are outlined in the GBC Personnel policy handbook.

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