Apply for Student Engagement Funds

Application & Reporting Instructions



               The   WEL Program:  Instructions for Application and Reporting          

Beginning in the 2009, the WEL Program has moved to a Packet Application process for requesting WEL funds for student engagement activities. This new process will enable us to better document and provide assessment evidence. The new application packet will include:   

  1. the application form
  2.   a Student Activity Evaluation: Student Report form (the instructor should copy, provide and collect a form for each participating student), and 
  3.  a Student Engagement Evaluation: Faculty Report form

Keep in mind, any activity funded/partially funded by WEL must include a student writing component and should be described in detail on the application form. A purchase order (PO) requesting the funds should be included at the time of submitting the application.

Completed and signed application requests should be submitted to Linda Trollinger.

Upon completion of the activity, the faculty member who requested the funds need to submit back to Trollinger the following:

  1. The Faculty Report
  2. Student Evaluation forms (one from each participating student)
  3. Sample copies of the student writing assignment (ungraded)
  4. If photos of the activity are taken, 1-5 photos of the event, if possible.

We appreciate your compliance with the changes detailed above and encourage your applications for student engagement activities for your students. If you have any questions, please contact Linda Trollinger.