Academic Programs International  

Academic Programs International is an educational organization dedicated to providing challenging and enriching study abroad programs for our students. The experience of living, interacting and learning in an international environment presents invaluable opportunities for each student's academic and personal development. All of API's academic and extracurricular offerings are selected with the goal of helping students to grow more self-aware and culturally sensitive. We envision each student evolving from a tourist to a resident to a global citizen.


API is committed to working closely with home universities to offer support before, during and after the education abroad experience. API will provide the best comprehensive study abroad experience possible with personal attention available to our students throughout his or her program.



       American Institute for Foreign Study


Founded in 1964, AIFS is today the leader in summer, semester and academic year college study abroad programs. Every year nearly 5000 U.S. undergraduates choose to study with AIFS at one of our 24 international campus locations. 


With programs in Argentina, Australia, Austria, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, England, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Peru, Russia, South Africa and Spain, AIFS College Study Abroad offers high-quality, college-level courses in subject areas as diverse as Islamic Studies, French Cinema, business and engineering.


         Best Semester


The Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) is a higher education association of more than 150 intentionally Christ-centered institutions around the world. There are 102 member campuses in North America and all are fully-accredited, comprehensive colleges and universities with curricula rooted in the arts and sciences. In addition, 71 affiliate campuses from 22 countries are part of the CCCU. The Council’s mission is to advance the cause of Christ-centered higher education and to help its institutions transform lives by faithfully relating scholarship and service to biblical truth.


    Capa International Education


CAPA International Education offers quality, affordable study abroad programs, consisting of academic classes and internships. Our mission has remained unchanged since our start: to provide learning abroad opportunities which genuinely educate students about the people and culture in which they are learning in a holistic educational environment.


 CET Academic Programs


CET Academic Programs is a private study abroad organization based in Washington that has been designing and administering innovative educational programs abroad since 1982. We offer semester and summer study abroad programs in China, the Czech Republic, Italy, Japan, Spain and Vietnam, as well as short-term, customized programs worldwide. CET is known for our high academic standards, innovative approaches to teaching and careful student management. Our programs integrate students into their overseas communities and lead them to create lasting relationships with their local hosts. Staffed by over 40 full-time employees in the US and abroad, CET currently sends around 1000 US students abroad annually.


Consortium for Global Education (GCE)


Campbellsville University are members of the Consortium for Global Education (CGE), participating in a wide offering of CGE Student Study Abroad options. CGE focuses on partner universities and key educational groups worldwide to structure strategic study abroad programs for students to gain academic value, cultural understanding, and service or internship opportunities. Each GCSA will allow CGE students to stay enrolled in their own home university and attend a Study Abroad that is sponsored by a CGE flagship member.



        Dublin Business School


The DBS Study Abroad Program offers a variety of academic and internship opportunities to U.S. undergraduate students interested in spending a semester or full year in the culturally vibrant city of Dublin. Students who study abroad in Dublin will see first-hand how different political, economic and social systems operate while developing a global perspective and cross cultural understanding. Students gain the kind of appreciation for Irish culture and history that can only come from personal experience.




    Institute for Study Abroad – Butler University


The Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University (IFSA-Butler) is a nonprofit organization founded at Butler University in 1988. The primary goal is to provide quality overseas study opportunities, plus academic and personal support services, for qualified North American undergraduates seeking to earn academic credit through study abroad. While the Institute for Study Abroad is affiliated with Butler University, it is not a department of the university.


IFSA-Butler is organized to assist our students from the time they apply until after they return. The staff in Indianapolis prepare students for the academic and cultural changes that await them, and our offices around the world provide on-site support to help students make the most of their study abroad experiences.


IFSA-Butler currently operates programs in Argentina, Australia, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, England, Mexico, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland, and Spain.



          International Studies Abroad


For almost twenty years, International Studies Abroad (ISA) has been helping students see the world. ISA currently offers study abroad programs in Spain, Italy, France, England, Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and the Dominican Republic. Each academic program is designed to help students gain a cultural understanding and personal independence that can only be achieved by living and studying in another country. 



     Kentucky Institute for International Studies


The Kentucky Institute for International Studies is a consortium of colleges and universities dedicated to providing quality international education.


KIIS programs have four primary objectives:

  •   to establish high-quality, low-cost, academically sound international study programs for students;
  •  to provide faculty from member institutions a means for professional growth;
  •  to create language and culture programs for professionals and develop links with their counterparts in foreign countries; and
  •  to promote the study of foreign languages. 

KIIS also seeks to develop new opportunities for international experiences which meet the needs of students, faculty, academic institutions, and community organizations, always taking into consideration the changing times and shifting demands of a global society.


        Knowledge Exchange Institute

 KEI's study abroad and intern abroad programs are designed to meet your academic, professional and personal interests. Take courses in your major, learn a language, participate in internships and community service, and explore world cultures.KEI is committed to high quality affordable study abroad programs.



   Private College Consortium for International Studies


The Private College Consortium for International Studies is a consortium of 16 Appalachian colleges which cooperate to provide their students with a variety of educational experiences in London, England. Program lengths vary from 3 and a half weeks to a full semester.


PCCIS was formed for the purpose of providing international studies opportunities to students of private Appalachian colleges.


If you have any questions on study abroad programs, international internships, volunteer opportunities or the Peace Corps, feel free to contact the Director of International Education, Mr. Chris Sanders at 270.789.5051 or