Alexandria Police Department, Police Social Services Coordinator, Alexandria KY, 4/15/16

Alexandria Police Department, Police Social Services Coordinator, Alexandria KY, 4/15/16


Job Description:

The City of Alexandria Police Department is looking for a Licensed Social Worker to fill the newly created position of POLICE SOCIAL SERVICES COORDINATOR. This is a NON-Sworn Administrative position responsible for providing social service support to the Police Department and all members of the community. This position reports to the Chief of Police. For a detailed job description along with desired skills, work experience and education, please go to our website:
Applications & Resume’s will be accepted until the position is filled. Salary: $40,000 annually

Police do three things extremely well. We Respond, we handle on going immediate crisis exceptionally well and we provide an immediate but temporary solution; even if that solution is "you're under arrest". We don't necessarily solve the problem. Community Policing has taught us to follow up the day or two following the call when their is no crisis and we attempt to see what else we can do to help. Problem with that is; when you're slaved to a portable radio and a dispatch center you can't really put forth 100% effort to help someone, because as soon as you begin to help, you get a call and have to leave.

In our industry we all agree that 80% of what we do in Law Enforcement today is Social Service oriented. Our state cabinet does a great job but there are not enough of them and they have to manage their case load to those areas of the county where they have the greatest numbers of calls.

So our response is good, our follow up is marginal and our follow through is often times non existent. The Police Social Worker will be a "second responder" and will work with the officers on the street and those in our community who need help, to follow through and insure people get the help they need. All of this is with the goal of reducing our recurring calls for service to the same location time and time again. If we can help families and individuals who need them we truly are community oriented.

Doing the same thing we have done for years in spite of our changing environment and expecting different results is the definition of???? So let's change the way we approach problems all together. Pairing social work with law enforcement rounds out the agency and hopefully will make it full service.

 City of Alexandria, Kentucky Police Department