CU hears message on leadership from KBC President, Dr. Floyd Paris

CU hears message on leadership from KBC President, Dr. Floyd Paris

Sept. 16, 2011
For Immediate Release

 Dr. Floyd Paris, KBC president, uses a sword as a visual aid to display weaponry used by Israelite leaders in 1 Samuel. (Campbellsville University Photo by Naranchuluu Amarsanaa)


By Tori Banks, student news writer

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. –“Real leadership is not about how good you look or how popular you are,” Dr. Floyd Paris, president of Kentucky Baptist Convention and pastor of Unity Baptist Church in Ashland, Ky., said.

Paris spoke at Campbellsville University’s weekly chapel service.

Paris utilized the book of 1 Samuel to display the qualities of leadership that all individuals should strive to possess. He compared the attributes of the biblical character of Saul and his son Jonathan to capture what being a true leader really looks like and what it means to Christians today.

Paris focused on the idea that leadership is based on more than outward appearance. He stated that Saul, in looks, epitomized the perfect leader. “He was the tallest man in Israel. He ruled by intimidation,” said Paris.

According to Paris, Saul’s son, Jonathan, was the true leader in this story. He described that while his father was encouraging the Israelite people to hide in caves from their Philistine enemies, Jonathan was putting his trust in the Lord.

Paris described that the Israelite people were highly outnumbered by their Philistine enemies. While this intimated the Israelite’s chosen leader, Saul, Jonathan knew numbers meant nothing as long as he had the Lord on his side. “Confidence brings courage,” Paris said as he continued to explain how Jonathan, along with the help of his servant, singlehandedly took out 20 Philistine soldiers in his first conquest.

“Because of his faith in the Lord, Jonathan caused the entire Philistine army to retreat,” Paris said.

Jonathan may have not displayed the outward appearance of leadership like his father did, but it was by his efforts and his trust in the Heavenly Father that the Israelite people were spared.

Paris left the congregation with this challenge: “Don’t be a Saul; be a Jonathan.”

He encouraged all to display good character and to follow the Lord with consistency and commitment.

Paris ended with this statement, “Jonathans can change the nation. Jonathans can change the world” leaving all in attendance with an inward desire to become the Jonathans of our world today.

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