Final session of CU Kids College held July 25-26

Final session of CU Kids College held July 25-26

Aug. 8, 2011
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 Preparing for patient/pickle analysis in the Kids College Cool Science Investigations (CSI) class at Campbellsville University are, from left: Cheyanne Hall, Yuika Hanada, Michaela Topping, Samuel Kessler, Molly Crabtree and Molly Sullivan. (Campbellsville University Photo by Linda Waggener)

By Linda Waggener, marketing and media relations coordinator

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. – Campbellsville University’s Kids College final 2011 session was held on campus July 25 and 26 at the Technology Training Center, 409 N. Hoskins Ave. This event marked the first time the popular summer classes for students grades three through eight was held for a full day as opposed to half-day sessions. Attendees reported that the experience was totally cool.

Kids College provides students with opportunities to broaden the scope of their interests and interact with others. Students picked two sessions from those offered: Cookin’ Up a Storm, Mad Scientist, At the Spa, Green Thumb, Book Adventures, CSI—Cool Science Investigations, Found Sounds and Homemade Music, The Babysitter’s Club, No Girls Allowed and Photography 101.

Forensic science made its way into the summer Kids College lineup of class options. Applying science is one way to answer questions important in solving crimes. It has been popularized on television and Cool Science Investigations (CSI) class was a hit in its first season at CU.

CSI students were instructed to work through the list of items on an autopsy record sheet after being introduced to their patients (dill pickles), each complete with its own medical history. All patients/pickles had been in fairly good health, having grown up through a normal childhood. Each student had his/her own patient/pickle to look over carefully and document any signs of criminal mischief or foul play along with normal bumps and bruises even if they were not significant to the cause of the patient/pickle’s death. Their patient/pickles had been last seen in the kitchen the previous day before turning up on the CSI student’s autopsy table.

Students were taught to carefully describe the condition of each body, noting any unusual marks and then predict the cause of death. The bodies were measured in inches and centimeters, weighed and documented. That’s when the fun began as a deep Y-shaped incision had to be opened for the patient/pickle’s interior examination to take place.

At the end of the examination, students were asked to fill out official US death certificates on their patient/pickle, including actual or presumed date and time of death, the manner of death – natural, accidental, suicide, homicide or could not be determined – and finally, write the cause of death and affix their signatures.

CSI is just one of three new classes added this year. Of the traditional options, Mad Scientist remained a highly popular choice. Photos are available at the following link with the first set being of the June KC event and the last photo set the July session:

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Kids College students in the final session for 2011, Front row, from left: Dejhon Irvin – Taylor County Elementary; Colleen Spencer, Campbellsville Elementary; Grayson Wise, Kentucky Christian Academy; Evan Waggener, Southside Elementary (Shelby County); Isabella Cheser, Glasscock Elementary (Marion County); Presley Payne, Helmwood Heights (Hardin County); Taylor Booth, Mercer County Elementary; George Prebee, Taylor County Elementary (TCE); Wesley Rose, TCE; Jacey Milby, TCE; Morgan Milby, TCE; Yuika Hanada, Campbellsville Elementary; Natalie Ford, Kentucky Christian Academy; Jacob Milby, TCE; Stephen Duffy, St. Augustine; Catherine Allen, TCE; Molly Johnson, TCE; and Baylie Skaggs, TCE. Row two from left: Raegan Mardis, TCE; Molly Sullivan, TCE; Isabella Glasscock, Lebanon Middle School; Mason Atwood, Green County Intermediate; Shelby Cunningham, Cypress Lake Middle (Florida); Zoie Sidebottom, Campbellsville Elementary; Cee Cee Creech, Homeschooled; Jacob Ewing, TCE; Graham Waggener, Southside Elementary (Shelby County); Andrew Melton, TCE; Cheyanne Hall, Pleasant Valley Home School (Green County); Michaela Topping, Homeschooled (Adair County); JP Gibbs, TCE; Molly Crabtree, TCE; and Jack Ford, Taylor County Middle School. Row three, from left: Amelia Bowen, TCE; Shelby Wilds, Kentucky Christian Academy; Seth Cowherd, TCE; Randy Harris, Madison Dial and Tayler Judd, Campbellsville Middle; Sierra Hall, Pleasant Valley Home School (Green County); Samuel Kessler, Campbellsville Middle; Emma Sadler, TCE; Loren Finck, Taylor County Middle; and Isaiah Glasscock, Lebanon Middle School. Not pictured were: Gabby Tucker, Campbellsville Elementary; Rachel Cowherd, TCE; and Lynette Cheser, Lebanon Middle School. (Campbellsville University Photo by Linda Waggener)

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