Campbellsville University SRNA degree gave Rainer the certificate she needed to get a job

Campbellsville University SRNA degree gave Rainer the certificate she needed to get a job

July 28, 2010
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Campbellsville University and LCCAA leaders are shown with new SRNA program graduate, Susan Rainer from Jamestown. From left are: John Chowning, CU vice president for church and external relations and executive assistant to the president; Bruce B. Brown, Executive Director at LCCAA; Susan Rainer, JOBS Program graduate and new SRNA; and CU President Dr. Michael V. Carter. (Photo courtesy of LCCAA)

By Linda Waggener, marketing and media relations coordinator

Susan Rainer from Jamestown, Ky., said she was able to get her life back on track through a training program designed by Campbellsville University’s Technology Training Center (CUTTC) in conjunction with the Lake Cumberland Community Action Agency (LCCAA) in Jamestown, her hometown.

Rainer was once an LPN but let her license expire after the tragic loss of her mother. When she began to explore options to renew her license she discovered the road was not an easy one. She needed help speeding the process to the end result of getting certified to get a job.

“Before I discovered the SRNA opportunity,” she said, “I just gave everything in my life to God and there have been nothing but blessings ever since.”

She made a discovery that would turn things around quickly when she saw an ad in her local paper offering Campbellsville University’s SRNA program through the Jamestown LCCAA agency. She called and signed up.

The university’s Technology Training Center, referred to on campus as “the Tech Center”, was approved in 2006 by the Ky. Cabinet for Health and Family Services to provide nurse aide training and has grown into one of the largest programs offered by CUTTC. Director Carol Sullivan worked with leaders of the LCCAA to put together a series of training packages that provide lower income unemployed citizens with job training and job prospects.

Bruce B. Brown, LCCAA executive director, said, “Campbellsville University was the obvious choice to provide services for the Job Opportunities and Business Services Program. We are appreciative of the support and services our staff and clients receive through Campbellsville University.” He said that Lake Cumberland Community Action Agency and CU leaders have worked together for many years in order to provide quality education for LCCAA clients and staff, creating an ongoing partnership assisting LCCAA in preparing staff to best serve our community.”

CU President Dr. Michael V. Carter said, “Campbellsville University is pleased to be working in partnership with the Lake Cumberland Community Action Agency in providing training for citizens of the region and we wish Ms. Rainer success in her new job. We know that many others are similarly benefiting from such training.”

The Technology Training Center was established to provide workforce and technology training and has provided such training to more than 10,000 people since its establishment.

For more information about Campbellsville University’s Technology Training Center, contact Sullivan at 270-789-5400 or by e-mail at


Part of the LCCAA support team which works closely with Campbellsville University’s Tech Center to help find funding for programs like the SRNA includes: Reva P. Carnes, JOBS Program Director, at left; Susan Rainer; JOBS Program graduate and new SRNA; and Penny Rizenbergs, JOBS Program Specialist. (Photo courtesy of LCCAA)

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