Campbellsville University hosts and participates in various Christian camps during summer

Campbellsville University hosts and participates in various Christian camps during summer

June 23, 2010
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Students in the CentriKid camp at Campbellsville University play a game on Stapp Lawn during their camp at Campbellsville University. (Campbellsville University Photo by Ashley Holt)

By Ashley Holt, student news writer

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. – Campbellsville University is a host of many Christian camps throughout the summer including several in which CU students participate.

CentriKid is an example of such a camp that was established by LifeWay for children in first through sixth grades. The campers play games, do Bible studies and attend worship services.

West Smith of Sandersville, Ga., was the camp director for CentriKid camp number two of three CentriKid camps, plus a training camp, that will take place on Campbellsville University’s campus this summer.

“It’s an opportunity to bring you out of your comfort zone, and to make an important impact on the lives of these kids,” Smith said. “You have to love kids and endure long days, but it’s amazing to meet people from all over, some who have become my best friends,” he said.

Smith’s team generally has around 150 campers depending on the size of the camp. They usually see anywhere from eight to ten campers come to Christ.

“CU is one of our favorite places to be. The campers are safe here, and the campus is beautiful,” he said. “This campus has nice facilities and is growing all the time,” Smith said.

“Rusty Watkins (coordinator of summer camps and conferences) is also a great guy to work with. We train with him, and he’s here and available pretty much all of the time which makes things a lot easier.”

MFuge is another camp created by LifeWay for older campers. CU does not host MFuge but has students who participate from year to year.

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Leadership Camp is another Christian camp taking place on campus this summer. This camp

Campers receive instructions for their individual groups at the CentriKid camp at Campbellsville University. (Campbellsville University Photo by Joan C. McKinney)


 has been taking place for around 18 years, last year being the first year at CU.

Students come from all around the region including Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Indiana to participate. These students are interested in being better leaders for Christ on their sports teams and in their schools.

At the camp, students hear speakers and do huddles to further their leadership skills. This year there are around 360 campers along with 50 college student leaders. Steve Wigginton is the area director for Louisville of FCA for middle and high schools.

“We love Campbellsville because Rusty Watkins is the man! He is tireless, constantly showing hospitality and making sure things run smoothly,” Wigginton said. “FCA is such an important organization. The more students and people in general that we can train with leadership skills the better; it is a great investment,” he said. Kentucky Heartland Outreach (KHO) is a missions camp of CU that focuses primarily on Central Kentucky.

André Tomaz, a recent Campbellsville graduate from Brazil, is a camp director for KHO this summer.

“It’s awesome working with KHO and seeing people come to know the Lord. We’re here to minister to these campers and to the homeowners. So far we’ve witnessed over 30 salvations. No amount of work that we do during the day compares to the work God is doing through KHO,” Tomaz said.

Campbellsville University is a widely acclaimed Kentucky-based Christian university with over 3,000 students offering 44 undergraduate programs, 16 master’s degrees and four postgraduate areas. The website for complete information is


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