Brockman tells CU Louisville graduates to pursue their dreams

Brockman tells CU Louisville graduates to pursue their dreams




 June 18, 2010
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Dr. Britt Brockman, right, speaker at CU Louisville’s commencement convocation, was presented the Campbellsville University Leadership Award by John Chowning, vice president for church and external relations and executive assistant to the president at left, and Dr. Michael V. Carver, president of Campbellsville University, center. (Campbellsville University Photo by Linda Waggener)

By Linda Waggener, marketing and media relations coordinator

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Dr. Britt Brockman, nationally recognized eye surgeon, challenged graduates at Campbellsville University’s Louisville Center (CU-Louisville) graduate celebration convocation to pursue their dreams and continuously strive to be better.

“I only understood the path of school to college to professional school to work and it seemed I was in school forever,” Brockman said. “However my son, like you, chose the non-traditional path, and proved to me that it can be equally rewarding to fit your life around your education.”

He said for the adult, non-traditional graduates, the real-life approach makes for a more mature, more focused individual. “I firmly believe your non-traditional path has prepared you to succeed,” he said.

“Dream big. Never be afraid to chase your dreams and along the way always remember to give just a little bit back.” He said we must pick and choose what motivates us to help religious, family, community or other charitable causes, but each of us has a responsibility to give back.

“My hot button for giving has always been education,” Brockman said, “And the opportunity to name Campbellsville University’s Brockman Center at Hodgenville in honor of my parents was the perfect storm of giving for me, bringing together family, community and education. It is truly better to give than to receive. I promise you’ll never look back and regret having been generous to others.”

Brockman’s parents are Russell and Sue Brockman who live in Hodgenville and who grew up in Cumberland County. His grandparents, all deceased and from Cumberland County, were E. Haskin and Dollye Brockman and Ralph and Edith Hunter.

Campbellsville University President Michael V. Carter called the CU-Louisville Center’s commencement address, “one of the finest talks on adult education I’ve ever heard.”

CU-Louisville graduate, recipient of a master’s degree in theology in July, the Rev. Matthew Smyzer was the first to be awarded a Campbellsville University Kente Cloth for his service as a member of the Campbellsville University Board of Trustees and community leadership in Louisville.

The Kente Cloth is bestowed upon outstanding individuals who have attained milestones in their lives. The cloth is ceremoniously draped upon the shoulders of those who have shown their worth to family, community and God.

CU-Louisville graduate, the Rev. Matthew Smyzer, was awarded the first Kente Cloth as he and other degree recipients were honored June 11 at Campbellsville University’s Louisville Center. Smyzer, who earned his master of theology degree, is a member of the CU Board of Trustees, pastor of Beargrass Missionary Baptist Church and executive director of Baptist Fellowship in Louisville. With him at the celebration were his wife Joann and daughter Felicia. (Campbellsville University Photo by Linda Waggener)

Guest speaker Brockman was presented the Campbellsville University Leadership Award as a supporter of Campbellsville University, especially in his hometown of Hodgenville where the university complex is known as The Brockman Center in honor of his parents, and because he was the first to accept a position on a soon-to-be-announced member of the CU-Louisville Board of Visitors.

CU Trustee Guy Montgomery of Louisville was honored with three awards honoring his family’s legacy of support of Campbellsville University and for his continuing sustaining works. Montgomery, member of the CU Board of Trustees, was also given the Library Recognition Award for his help in growing the CU-Louisville Mongtomery Library and a special, newly-created Montgomery Superstar sports card.

Montgomery is chair of the advancement committee of the CU Board of Trustees.

Jim Woolums, director of the Louisville Center, recognized faculty, students and family “who make CU Louisville the special place it is.”

Guy Montgomery, right, Campbellsville University Trustee, was given three awards at CU Louisville’s commencement convocation June 11 to honor his family’s legacy of support. President Michael V. Carter, left, presented the Library Recognition plaque (a small version of the one which will hang in the library) for his help in growing the CU-Louisville Mongtomery Library. He also received the CU Leadership Award and a newly-created award, the Montgomery Superstar sports card. (Campbellsville University Photo by Linda Waggener)

The CU Louisville graduates (honorees in attendance are starred*): Kimberly Bakewell, Louisville; *Denise Blair Sanders, Louisville; *James Clark, Mt. Washington; *Jason Davis, Louisville; *Barbara Ellery, Louisville; Julie Etherton, Louisville; Edward Flightmaster, Louisville; *Rahsheeno Griffith – Louisville; Sheila Hussey, Bardstown; Susanne Jenkins, Fisherville; Vida Jozic, Louisville; Gary Mackowiak, Fisherville; Rick McKinney, Marion, Ind; *Kimberly Miracle, Louisville; Jeffery Perry; Groveport, Mich.; Timothy Phillips, Louisville; Joann Rowan, Louisville; *Matthew Smyzer, Louisville; Mark Wheatley, Lapeer, Mich.; James Whitehead, Bardstown; and Benjamin Winters, Louisville.


CU-Louisville graduate, Barbara Ellery, at left, completed her degree in early childhood education. Dr. Kathleen Filkins, at right, the education program coordinator at the Louisville Center, said, “Barbara has worked her classes in as life has allowed and never given up. I am very proud of her.” Filkins said that Ellery has also been a dynamic encourager of others while she has been going to school, and is part of the reason the Louisville Center ECE program is enjoying explosive growth. (Campellsville University Photo by Linda Waggener)


For more information about Campbellsville University’s Louisville Center, contact Dr. Keith Spears, vice president for regional and professional education, at or at 502-753-0264.

Campbellsville University is an award-winning Kentucky Christian university with over 3,000 students offering 44 undergraduate programs, 16 master’s degrees and four post graduate areas. The website for complete information is


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