CU’s trustee Heilman beginning 28-day journey on motorcycle to Alaska

CU’s trustee Heilman beginning 28-day journey on motorcycle to Alaska

June 11, 2014
For Immediate Release

Dr. E. Bruce Heilman, center,  met with supporters at Cracker Barrel in LaGrange, Ky., as he
began his 10,000-mile journey by Harley-Davidson to Alaska. The Rev. Robert Oldham, a CU
graduate with Heilman, is at left wishing him well.

By Joan C. McKinney, news and publications coordinator

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. -- “Remembering that we don’t quit doing things because we
get old, we get old because we quit doing things.”

Dr. E. Bruce Heilman, a member of the Campbellsville University Board of Trustees, said the above in a letter sent to his supporters as he began his trip, via his Harley-Davidson motorcycle, from Richmond, Va., to Fairbanks, Alaska, about 10,000 miles round trip.

He plans to get home to celebrate his 88th birthday July 16 after spending 28 days on the road.

Dr. Michael V. Carter, far right, president of Campbellsville University, and Elaine Akin of Louisville
were among those wishing Dr. E. Bruce Heilman well on his journey.

This is not something new for Heilman, who first began his journeys across the country in 2010 to celebrate his 84th birthday by riding from Richmond to San Diego, Calif., and back.

For his 85th birthday, he traveled to Sturgis, S.D. with the president, chairman and senior officers of the Harley-Davidson Company. For his 86th birthday, he circled the lower 48 states over 25 days, 34 states and 9,200 miles.

Last year, he traveled 14 states to cover the six he missed in his earlier journeys. In the meantime, he recently rode to Milwaukee for the 110th anniversary as a leader of the parade of the Harley-Davidson Company.
He’s yet to cover Alaska and Hawaii to claim all 50 states since his 84th birthday.

Heilman plans to go to Canada by way of Great Falls, Mont. There he plans to have his Harley checked and maybe replace tires, before going north to Calgary, Edmonton and west through Canada to the Alaskan Highway taking him on to Fairbanks where he will remain for three or four days, speaking at civic clubs, the Chamber of Commerce and meeting alumni.

Heilman’s travels take him to meet with “The Greatest Generation” – among those of which are the veterans of World War II.

He said, “With the 16,000,000 WW II veterans diminished to about 1,000,000 and with the death rate of 30,000 a month, this likely will be the last great motorcycle adventure by a member of the WW II generation.

“The exception will be my ride through Hawaii when I am old enough to fully appreciate having traveled all 50 states on two wheels in my 80s and completing the adventure before turning 90.”

B.J. Senior, left, of LaGrange, wished Dr. E. Bruce
Heilman well.

He said he has looked for a WW II veteran or one who is his age, veteran or not, who might take the trip with him. He hasn’t found one yet, but he invites younger riders to join him.

“Wish me well as I continue living life to the fullest,” he said.

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